MSO Rules

Our rules are very simple and with your help we can work to make this a great event.

You must be listed with Slink on their website. If there is a reason you are not yet listed please let Sanura Snowpaw or Lexi Morgan know and we will note that you have applied and are qualified to sell Slink Avatar Enhancement items.
To be listed on the Slink Website you must contact Slink Resident, Sanura and Lexi do not work for Slink and have no control over this.

Each round will open on the 5th of the month and clean up will be the 22nd of each month. There is one round every three months, starting with July 2015.

There is a small fee of 500L for each round that you participate in. This is payable to MySlinkObsession Resident before the 15th the month prior to your round. Please do not pay before we send the payment reminders for your round.

You are expected to be set up by the 11:59pm on the 3rd of each month. If you are late we WILL replace/remove you, if you contact either Sanura Snowpaw or Lexi Morgan we may be able to give you a small extension. If you are late three times will be removed from the event permanently. We do NOT allow people to set up after the event has opened.

Your item must be new (no recolors) and marked down at least 50% and have a value of at least 150L. You may combine more than one item to reach this goal. No items should be lower than 75L. Your item should be exclusive for the duration of the event, afterwards you can of course sell it in your store at whatever you normal pricing is.

There is a zero tolerance policy on copyrighted items or ToS violations. This includes following the rules from Slink for their developers kits. If you have items that break these rules you will not even be considered for My Slink Obsession. If you didn’t make it or purchase it explicitly for commercial use do NOT use it!

We have tried to get a good mix of appliers, nail polishes, shoes etc for each round but we have no control over what the brands do for each round.

You will be given 10 prims  for your vendor(s), LM givers, free gifts and etc. If for some reason you require more prims please contact Sanura or Lexi and we will see what can be done to accommodate you. We do not allow any decor.

This is not a gatcha event so we ask that you do not use them.

For the benefit of yourself and everyone in the event we ask that you place a sign in your stores advertising the event. This will be sent to you prior to each round. We also ask that you advertise your items at the event to your groups.

If you make items for several mesh bodies you may sell them at MSO as long as they are sold together with the Slink equivalent included. For example you sell shoes for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza, you may sell them all together. If you wish to sell them separately you may only sell the Slink compatible shoes at MSO.



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